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Refunds & Returns Policy

This Refund and Returns Policy applies for all products purchased through the Cloud Nine Collective checkout.

You acknowledge that Cloud Nine Collective provides a platform for users to purchase Products from a Seller, and that a sales contract is formed between you and Cloud Nine Collective. The terms of this sales contract is detailed in our terms and conditions.

App Return Policy:

The subscription fees are non-refundable unless there is an issue with the subscription itself (for example, if it is not of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose or as we have described it to be). Fees are non-refundable on the basis that access to the App is a ‘digital download’, to which the usual cooling-off period for consumers is not applicable.

Physical Product Return Policy:

Cloud Nine Collective cannot exchange or refund any physical fitness products due to hygiene reasons. (Regulation 28(3)(a), CCRs). This means that the cooling off period afforded to consumers does not apply to your purchase.

If your order is returned to us due to non-delivery or incorrect address, it will be automatically cancelled and refunded. To receive the products you ordered, you will need to create another order. You will not be refunded for the postage as we have incurred the cost of sending you the order.

If the shipping time has expired and customer support cannot find a solution to fulfil your order we will offer you a replacement order to send you the goods again. If a replacement order cannot be arranged, a refund will be issued instead.

Any returned parcels sent by the customer without acknowledgement from a member of the support team will not be returned/exchanged or refunded.

If you have received a faulty product and it's within 30 days from purchase, please send in a picture of the faulty product and we can offer you an exchange.

Refunds for physical Products shall only be given in the following circumstances:

  1. If the item arrived ripped or broken which made it non-functioning.

  2. If the transaction was not a genuine transaction (card fraud etc)

  3. If there was a duplicate order or payment due to a technical fault. Genuine multiple orders by the same person are not eligible for a refund.

This does not affect your consumer rights.

Statement On Colours:

Actual product colours may differ from colours shown on your monitor. Different computer screens, operating systems, and even web browsers have different colour characteristics, so it is not possible to get a given colour to look the same on every screen. 

​We're here to help! If you have any questions, please email

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